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Overall Personalized Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Overall Personalized Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Summary is a free motorcycle insurance comparison service that allows riders to find their insurance matches quickly and easily. Whether you choose to use the service online or over the phone, they'll tailor their insurance suggestions to fit your lifestyle and budget so that you don't have to waste hours of your time researching carriers.

Key Benefits

  • They offer budget-friendly motorcycle insurance options that can suit any rider's needs
  • You can compare quotes both online and over the phone with the help of licensed professionals
  • Multiple carriers means better prices and better coverage

Ratings Summary

Ratings Highlights

Overall Rating is a simple and convenient way to find affordable, quality motorcycle insurance. By focusing on your individual needs, the site can easily compare multiple carriers at once and find the best insurance fit for you within just a few minutes. If one of their recommendations interests you, you can then contact that carrier directly and get the coverage you're looking for.
As works with several motorcycle insurance carriers, they are a great option for anyone looking for the lowest prices possible -- they find low-cost, quality coverage options for riders just like you every day.
Handling Claims
Each carrier works with handles claims directly.
Young Riders
By working with multiple carriers, is able to offer quality coverage to all ages, including riders under 26.
Bundling Auto with Other Insurance Types
Bundling options will depend on the carrier in question.
Riders with Tickets/Accidents
Though many carriers charge higher rates for riders with a bad driving history, it is still possible to find low-cost motorcycle insurance. As works with several carriers at once, they can help you find one that will work with your situation and budget.

Company Background

Founded in 1996, was formed with the aim of providing an easy way for drivers and riders to find affordable insurance online and over the phone. They consider every customer's individual needs and tailor insurance recommendations accordingly. Whether you're looking for a quick insurance process, a convenient way to talk to experienced professionals, or options that match your budget, is a great choice for your motorcycle insurance journey.

The Motorcycle Insurance Guide's Reviews Methodology

The Motorcycle Insurance Guide uses a proprietary algorithm to evaluate the motorcycle insurance options presented. Factors reviewed and rated include pricing, handling of claims, age of the rider, bundling, and rider type. These factors are evaluated and scored to provide an overall score for the carrier as well as being individually assessed to provide a detailed review of the fit of the carrier to the rider. The data comes from research The Motorcycle Insurance Guide conducts as an invite-only annual survey and from interviews with motorcycle insurance agents. Insights from experts, those whose job it is to understand and recommend the best insurance companies for their clients, is invaluable. Use of The Motorcycle Insurance Guide's 2024 reviews by third parties without the express written consent of The Motorcycle Insurance Guide is strictly prohibited.