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Welcome to The Motorcycle Insurance Guide:

Our goal is to help riders make informed decisions when it comes to their insurance -- because we believe that knowing is saving.

Saving riders money? Yes. Saving riders time by making it easy to compare all the best options in one place? Yes. Saving riders from bad insurers -- and the pain of poor claims-handling and customer service -- by rating and reviewing the leading providers? Yes and yes. Basically, saving you from any costly guesswork.

With hundreds of motorcycle insurance options, truly finding the best one -- both for your needs and your wallet -- can be overwhelming. And that is where we come in. Introducing The Motorcycle Insurance Guide and our proprietary rankings, ratings, and reviews of the best companies for riders just like you. Even if you do not ride a motorcycle, our rankings, ratings, and reviews also include companies that cover scooters, mopeds, motorbikes, ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles.

Our Methodology

We help riders find the best options at the lowest rates. How do we do it? First, by leveraging decades of collective experience working in the insurance industry, our team spent hundreds of hours researching companies, analyzing policies, and surveying independent agents. We used our findings to develop our reviews and ratings system. We then use this information to rank which providers are best for pricing, discounts, claims handling, and overall.

Second, we also have decades of collective experience building technology, so we developed our proprietary algorithm for motorcycle insurance. Our algorithm functions similarly to an insurance company’s, but with one key difference: ours exists to benefit riders, not insurers.

After analyzing many factors -- including age, location, rider history, and much more -- insurers typically rely on their algorithms to predict how much risk is associated with which types of riders. They can also use algorithms to determine if they need more of or fewer of certain riders on their books. Together, they utilize this information to figure out who should be charged more for a policy.

For instance, let’s say one insurer’s algorithm finds that accidents have increased in a certain zip code. A new customer from this zip code will likely be charged a higher rate -- even if this person happens to be a safe rider with a perfect record. By contrast, another insurer’s algorithm may find the same zip code to be no riskier than before. If the new customer goes with the first company, this person will end up paying more unnecessarily. Current customers can also end up overpaying month after month. If and when these very same algorithms predict that risks are now lower, insurance companies are not obligated to inform their customers or to drop their rates.

Essentially, by not shopping around, odds are that you are missing out on new, lower prices. As you can see, rates, and the complex factors behind them, are always changing. This is where our algorithm comes in. By confirming your zip code, we identify which providers are looking for and offering the best prices -- including discounts -- for riders just like you at this very moment.

Taken together, our rankings, ratings, and reviews will help you save time and money. We show you which providers are best for your individual needs at this given moment. The first result is the provider looking to insure you the most, while those with the highest scores are the best match for riders like you. To learn more about the companies you are interested in, please click read full reviews. To start comparing quotes, please select view rates.

What Coverage Do You Need?

Your motorcycle coverage needs will be based on a combination of your state’s insurance laws and your own personal situation. While getting the minimum coverage needed to meet your state’s legal definition of being insured is an obvious must, you will most likely be better off getting more, so that you truly safeguard yourself financially in case of an accident. Though the different levels of coverage are very similar to car insurance, there key differences to keep in mind when choosing a motorcycle insurance policy:

Liability Insurance:

Most states determine who pays for damages from an accident based on fault. In these states, liability coverage is required. It is what provides coverage for the other party in the event that you are at fault in an accident. Liability includes bodily injury liability, to pay for the other party’s medical expenses, and property liability, to pay for any damage to their vehicle. Unique to motorcycle insurance, some companies also offer guest passenger liability coverage, to cover your passenger if they are injured.

While liability is generally the legal minimum for insurance, it is always a good idea to consider further protection. The reason is that motorcycles are considered high-risk vehicles, and any accident is likely to cost much more than liability coverage will pay.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

PIP pays towards medical care for you, your passenger, or pedestrians in the event of an accident. You may be familiar with PIP if you have car insurance and especially if you live in a no-fault state, or those where your own insurance pays for damages no matter who is at fault. With motorcycle insurance, however, PIP is not required coverage. Since the risk of injury in general is higher, many states do not allow PIP to be sold to motorcyclists.

Collision Insurance:

Motorcycle collision insurance is meant to cover repairs to your bike in the event of a collision. How much you’ll get reimbursed for depends on the damages caused, the value of your bike, and the policy you have.

Comprehensive Insurance:

Comprehensive insurance covers bike damage caused by circumstances other than the typical traffic accident -- including inclement weather, theft, and animal collision.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Insurance:

UM/UIM insurance pays for damages caused by an accident with a rider who is either uninsured or underinsured. This generally covers medical treatment and property damage, but of course depends on the provider.

The coverage you opt for will depend on your own riding situation and personal concerns, but it is generally a good idea to have a better policy than the legal minimum. Not only are motorcycles higher risk than the average car, but accidents tend to cost far more than what basic liability can cover. Keeping yourself safe, both physically and financially, is the priority.


Like car insurance, there are always various discount options available to make your policy cheaper. While there are some discounts unique to motorcycle insurance, many are similar to the ones you might be familiar with from car insurance. Here are just a few of the discounts that may be available to you:

  • Motorcycle Training Course Discounts: Riders who opt for taking training courses, including defensive driving courses, might be eligible for discounts with certain insurers.
  • Weather-Based Discounts: Unique to motorcycle insurance, some providers offer winter discounts to account for the likely decrease in riding during the colder months. This can range from a small percentage off to a full pause on payments for the season.
  • Association Discounts: As with car insurance, some providers offer discounts to riders in the military as well as riders in professions such as teaching or healthcare. The types of discounts available will depend on the insurer in question.
  • Bundling Discounts: Some providers allow riders to bundle their motorcycle insurance with other types of insurance, such as car insurance or home insurance, in order to save money.
  • Safe Rider Discounts: Riders with a clean record may be offered discounts for maintaining it. Just by avoiding accidents or tickets, you could be eligible for major savings.

Going beyond the minimum does not mean your insurance policy has to be expensive -- by looking through your choices carefully and taking any potential discounts into account, as well as by maintaining a good driving record, it is easily possible to find a good policy that will offer ample protection at a reasonable rate.

Motorcycle Insurance Company Ratings & Reviews:

The Motorcycle Insurance Guide’s proprietary rankings are based on several methods, with one of the most important being our industry-leading Agent Survey. We interviewed insurance agent after insurance agent in an effort to truly understand which motorcycle insurance providers stand out and why.

Agents who have many years of experience are often passionate about helping their clients save. Those who work independently, and not for any single insurer, tend to have the deepest insight on what insurers are looking for and what customers need. By spending each day working between clients and companies, these agents are the true experts of the industry. Moreover, they are incentivized to retain customers with the insurance companies they recommend. What is the best way to do that? Pair each client with the best possible company from day one.

We were fortunate enough to interview many of these agents. We gained many invaluable insights from the Agent Survey. These proved invaluable and helped shape our rankings. During the process, we saw two common trends: (1.) no two providers are the same and (2.) certain companies are better for certain riders. Using our findings, we ranked and rated (on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0) the best motorcycle insurance companies for the following categories: 

With the information gathered through our Agent Survey, we have also written reviews breaking down certain carriers. To keep our users as informed and up to date as possible, we highlight and explain the key benefits and unique attributes of the companies who score a 3.0 or better. Note that use of our 2024 motorcycle insurance reviews by third parties without the express written consent of The Motorcycle Insurance Guide is strictly prohibited.

5 Best Motorcycle Insurance Carriers of 2024

Here are the 5 best motorcycle insurance carriers of 2024. Click to read our reviews and see our ratings by pricing, claims, and suitability by rider type:

  1. Progressive
  2. Geico
  3. Allstate
  4. Dairyland
  5. Liberty Mutual