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Overall Personalized Rating: 4.7/5 (Excellent)

Overall Personalized Rating: 4.7/5 (Excellent)


Now a household name, Harley-Davidson has been building its reputation as one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world for over a century. With a pristine product and a devoted following of riders who swear by them, Harley's continued success hinges on its consistent focus on quality. With their usual best-in-class service in mind, the brand expanded into motorcycle insurance as Harley-Davidson Insurance Services -- insurance for bikers, by bikers. By using their expertise in motorcycles, they endeavor to provide protection tailored to the unique needs of the biker world.

Key Benefits

  • Staff is extremely knowledgeable about motorcycles, making filing claims and customizing plans easier
  • Plenty of discounts available, particularly for H.O.G. members
  • They offer extra protection plans, including insurance for motorcycle equipment/accessories

Ratings Summary

Ratings Highlights

Overall Rating
Among its competitors, Harley-Davidson Insurance Services stands out as having the most customizable, motorcycle-specific policies available. While they aren't a good choice for anyone trying to bundle their motorcycle insurance with other types of insurance, they are one of the best options available for serious riders looking for protection that covers every aspect of biking. This is an especially good option for Harley owners.
As far as pricing goes, Harley-Davidson Insurance is average. There are notable price differences depending on the type of bike you insure, and the company does offer significant discount options -- particularly for Harley Owner's Group (H.O.G.) members.
Handling Claims
Through our research, it's apparent that the majority of Harley-Davidson Insurance customers are satisfied with their experience. They make it easy for customers to make a claim directly on their site or by the phone, and both options are available 24/7.
Young Riders
While young riders can expect to pay more than older riders, this is typical with most companies. Overall, pricing is still about average in the industry, and younger riders should compare several quotes from different companies to get the best price.
Bundling Auto with Other Insurance Types
Harley-Davidson Insurance focuses on motorcycles only, so bundling will not be an option with them.
Riders with Tickets/Accidents
As with most insurers, riders with a bad record will likely pay more than those with a clean record. Harley-Davidson does offer more lenience with accidents that occur while insured by them, however, and won't necessarily raise your rates in the event of one.

Company Background

Founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley-Davidson is one of the oldest and most recognizable motorcycle companies in the world. With more than a century of experience in manufacturing motorcycles, Harley-Davidson expanded into the insurance arena in order to provide customers with the expert protection they deserve. They currently write policies in 48 states.

The Motorcycle Insurance Guide's Reviews Methodology

The Motorcycle Insurance Guide uses a proprietary algorithm to evaluate the motorcycle insurance options presented. Factors reviewed and rated include pricing, handling of claims, age of the rider, bundling, and rider type. These factors are evaluated and scored to provide an overall score for the carrier as well as being individually assessed to provide a detailed review of the fit of the carrier to the rider. The data comes from research The Motorcycle Insurance Guide conducts as an invite-only annual survey and from interviews with motorcycle insurance agents. Insights from experts, those whose job it is to understand and recommend the best insurance companies for their clients, is invaluable. Use of The Motorcycle Insurance Guide's 2024 reviews by third parties without the express written consent of The Motorcycle Insurance Guide is strictly prohibited.